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What is a C42 Licensed Septic Tank Contractor?

Date Posted: August 17, 2021 1:40 am

Septic tank contractors should be licensed before doing the job. If you are doing a house remodel or looking forward to selling your home, chances are you need a septic tank certification. To acquire that, you need to hire a C42 licensed septic tank contractor.

Sanitation systems contractors with C42 licenses are working on fabricating and installing septic tanks, storm drains, and other sewage disposal and drain structures. Septic tank contractors belong to a particular classification according to their licenses. This classification deals with the matters mentioned above. Moreover, the classification of C42 licensed septic tank contractors can also work with the hardware that includes laying of cast-iron, steel, concrete, vitreous and non-vitreous pipe.

Septic tank certification for homes in Temecula, CA

If you are applying for a permit to remodel your home, you need a septic tank certification. You will also require that if you are selling your home. The septic contractor who will inspect your home has the C42 license; the process may also be called a C42 inspection.

If you need an inspection, our team at Lanik Septic Service are licensed and highly trained to locate your tank, excavate and assess. We will let you know whether everything is intact, especially the inlet and outlet fittings. It is essential to know if the septic tank is intact or has damage. Over time, tanks may deteriorate. Hence a C42 inspection is necessary when doing a house remodel or selling your property. The main reason a C42 certification is required by the Dept of Env health when people are pulling a permit for a pool, room addition, solar installation, building a garage, etc. is to be sure of 2 things 1., That the septic system is far enough away from the building, etc.. to meet proper setbacks and to be sure you are not building on top of the septic system and 2. That the septic system is large enough to accommodate any addition you are adding

During the C42 inspection and septic tank certification process, we can repair it for you at a reasonable time if we find any damage. For residential septic tank certification and repairs, you can count on our team at Lanik Septic Services.

C-42 Certified Septic Services in Temecula, CA

For real estate transactions, usually, septic tank inspections are a must. C42 inspections are required according to the California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications. You can count on our team at Lanik Septic Services for C42 certifications. Our experts are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in the industry. We can locate the septic tank and work with the septic system covering the seepage pit, leach lines, and risers.

Our C-42 Certified Septic Services include:

  • the inspection where we electronically locate the tank (using a water probe to locate the septic tank lids, if unable to locate the lids with a water probe, we can electronically locate for an additional cost)
  • our team will dig for the lid, both primary and secondary
  • we will pump the septic tank
  • we inspect the tank to see if everything is intact or there is damage
  • we will also perform a water test
  • and create a sketch of septic tank location only
  • you will be given the paperwork

If everything is good, you will be able to receive your certification in 24 to 48 hours. If there are problems we will provide an estimate for repair.

Top Rated Septic Tank Experts in Temecula, CA

For C42 inspections, septic tank repairs, and septic tank installation and replacement in Temecula, CA, Lanik Septic Services is the best choice. Our professionals are highly trained, knowledgeable, and fully licensed. Our company has the expertise to handle all of your residential septic system needs, including septic tank installations, site inspections, pumping, repair, replacement, and certification.

Over the years, we have earned the trust of many homeowners and have satisfied thousands of clients in Southern California. We have quality and dependable quality, honest practices, and excellent customer service.

Because we are one of the top-rated septic tank experts in Temecula, CA, our team installs or replaces more than 200 septic tanks annually. Lanik Septic Services also does septic systems certification, and we provide over 700 per year. We have been involved mainly in properties covering rural ranches, estates, older homes, newly constructed houses, and manufactured home sites.

As experienced and qualified experts, our crews are in demand. We have the knowledge and skills to assess whether you need a new septic tank or a repair can be done. In a situation where it was determined that you need a new septic tank, we will do everything for you, from the arrangements of permits and septic tank certifications.

Our clients trust us because we go to the site before recommending anything and performing an on-site inspection. We do this to determine our client’s needs, and we can provide the best solution.

For many years, we have been serving our satisfied customers. We do our work quickly in an efficient manner. We are attentive even to the minor details to get the job done perfectly.

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  • Tens of Thousands of Satisfied Clients
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Why Choose
Lanik Septic Services

  • Tens of Thousands of Satisfied Clients
  • BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating
  • Honest Advice and Reliable Workmanship
  • Fully Compliant with All OSHA & County Standards
  • Expedited Septic Certification Processing
  • One-Year Labor Warranty on Most Septic Installations & Repairs