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Are you looking for a reputable septic tank service company in Lake Elsinore, CA?

If you are looking for septic tank services in the Lake Elsinore, CA area, reputable companies can help. Lanik Septic provides full-service septic services that will make your septic tank troubles a thing of the past and keep it in tip-top condition with us!

Lake Elsinore is a city in western Riverside County, California. Established as an unincorporated community on the shore of Lake Elsinore – a natural freshwater lake about 3 thousand acres (1200 ha) large-, it has grown from a small resort town to a suburban area with approximately 70K residents. It continues its transformation into one another viable gem for future generations. Lake Elsinore is a great place because you can enjoy nature’s beauty and participate in many fun activities such as fishing or boating alongside your friends & family.

Here are some questions that should be asked before hiring any septic company:

Does your truck have insurance?

All legitimate Lake Elsinore CA septic tank services, will have insurance on their vehicles. They also need to carry proof of insurance on them at all times. If your company tries to tell you that they don’t need it, it is probably best not to hire them.

How long has the business been in operation?

Reputable companies have been around for several years. If the company you are considering has only been operating in Lake Elsinore, CA, for a few months, it might be best to look elsewhere. Lanik Septic has been in the business since 1985, and you can rely on them on your septic tank trouble.

How many trucks do you operate?

Lanik Septic Tank Service has only one truck, but they work on an average of 20-30 systems per month.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Most reputable Septic Tank Services in Lake Elsinore, CA, will provide a warranty with their work. They should also be willing to come out and fix the problem if it recurs within that time frame. Reputable companies also know that sometimes things aren’t their fault, so they should be willing to help.

How do you handle billing?

It would help if you didn’t have to pay anything until the job was completed and done professionally. Reputable septic tank companies will also not stop working on your property until it’s paid for unless specifically told otherwise by yourself or someone else.

Can I set up an appointment for someone to come out and give me an estimate?

Beware of any company who tells you that their prices are fixed. A reputable company should be happy to come out and give you a free quote so long as it is during business hours.

Do you have references? If so, can I speak with them?

A good septic tank service in Lake Elsinore, CA, will be able to give you several references of previous customers they have done business with or you can check Lanik Septic Service reviews here.

How much experience do you have?

Lanik Septic Service, a Riverside County CA septic company, is third-generation and locally owned. They are qualified to provide pumping services for your tank as well as installation of new ones in southwest Riverside County or North San Diego areas such that we’ve worked with tens of thousands of satisfied clients; repeat customers come back because they know what it means when someone does their job right without cutting any corners!

Our claim: We do all our work honestly, which becomes evident through reliable excellence like superior customer service (over 90%), affordable prices, and C-42 Contractor License.

What happens of you don’t pump your septic tank?

If you’ve never had a septic tank pumping before, the solids will accumulate in the tank, diminishing the tank’s holding capacity. The solids will eventually clog the pipe that feeds into the drain field. Then, wastewater will be backing up into the house.

What questions should I ask?

A reputable Lake Elsinore, CA, septic tank company will be able to answer all your questions in detail. The more they know about the work you need to be done, the better equipped they’ll be to give you a quote.

What does it mean if my septic tank needs pumping?

Your septic tank needs to be pumped every 3-5 years, to avid leach field failure. 

What are the chances that my septic tank will malfunction?

Failing to maintain your septic tank properly dramatically increases the likelihood of it failing. If you don’t take care of your septic system, it can cause your home significant damage and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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