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Riverside, CA Septic Services

Are you looking to install a new septic tank? Is your current septic tank damaged and in need of repair? Does your entire septic system need a revamp? When it comes to professional Riverside, CA septic services, look no further than Lanik Septic Service.

Our fourth-generation septic company is qualified to provide quality septic tank services, including tank repair, installation, and pumping. What’s more, we’re one of the few companies that provide certification services, which allows our clients to get permits faster and with minimum hassle.

Riverside, CA septic services are synonymous with Lanik Septic Service, a company that has built its reputation on affordable prices, reliable quality, and transparent business practices. A lot of our business comes from referrals from satisfied customers, which speaks volumes of our dedication to providing the people of Riverside and San Diego County with world-class septic services.

Comprehensive Septic Services in Riverside, CA

Lanik Septic Service is a C42-licensed septic tank contractor, so we’re uniquely qualified to provide services that most competitors cannot. These services include in-house permit processing, septic location, and even advanced construction services like site selection and house positioning.

As a Riverside, CA septic service provider, we provide a range of septic services to our commercial and residential clients including:

Septic Tank Locating in Riverside, CA

Riverside’s semi-arid climate makes for challenging, rocky terrain, and most septic installers have to deal with tasking digging jobs when locating septic tanks. Lanik Septic Service has operated in Riverside and San Diego County for many years, so we’re quite familiar with the terrain and the ground evacuation requirements.

We’re well-equipped to assess potential septic sites and ensure that the system is installed in the best possible location using the most cost-efficient methods.

Septic Tank Installation and Replacement, Riverside, CA

From installing septic systems from the ground up to stripping and replacing ineffective septic systems, Lanik Septic Service does it all. Riverside may not get a lot of rainfall, but even a moderate storm is enough to tear apart an improperly placed septic system.

We are known for our efficiency when it comes to large installation jobs. We complete the most arduous tasks without compromising quality or speed, which means no installation or replacement job is too big to slow us down.

Septic System Maintenance in Riverside, CA

Maintaining your septic system is paramount in Riverside, CA. Any property attached to a septic tank system must organize regular septic tank inspections because a dysfunctional septic system comes with grave consequences.

Improperly maintained septic tanks might leak raw, untreated sewage onto the surrounding properties or water bodies, causing significant water contamination.

Septic Tank Repair in Riverside, CA

Septic tanks may get damaged or succumb to corrosion every so often. When that happens, you’ll want a company like Lanik Septic Service at your beck and call. Not only do we have some of the most experienced technicians in California, but we’re also quite adept at fixing septic system repairs owing to our years of experience dealing with numerous types of septic malfunctions and damage.

Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning in Riverside, CA

To avoid sewage exposure, which is known to cause a long list of ailments, You must routinely pump your septic tank. Lanik Septic Service offers affordable pumping and cleaning services to reduce concentrations of organic solids in your waste, plus to optimize the passage of wastewater as it heads back to the water table.

Leach Field Repair and Replacement in Riverside, CA

Leach fields are essential components of the septic cycle. Without them, you cannot dispose of the processed water that comes from your septic tank. If your leach field does not absorb water or allow it to evaporate appropriately, then you need Lanik Septic Service. We can solve common leach field problems from a lack of septic tank maintenance, excessive water, and landscaping issues (blockages from nearby trees and shrubs).

ATU (Advanced Treatment Unit) Installation in Riverside, CA

Lanik Septic Service is no stranger to advanced sewage processing technologies, and we’re your best option if you’re looking to install an advanced treatment unit (ATU) on your premises. An ATU system is usually installed between your septic tank and absorption tank to facilitate on-site water treatment. These are a far more economical and dependable solution for rural residences.

Site Selection, House Positioning, and Total Estimates

Lanik Enterprises is the mother company of Lanik Septic Services. As a Class A general contractor with a particular focus on creating foundations for manufactured and modular homes, we are no strangers to advanced home site selection and preparation.

If you need help with house positioning and site selection, Lanik Septic Services is your best bet. We will also provide total construction estimates on request.

In-house Permit Processing

Lanik Septic Service is a trusted Riverside, CA septic services provider and one of the few contractors in the San Diego area that can process permits in-house. Therefore, our clients enjoy much faster permit processing.

Unrivaled Expertise and Years of Experience

When it comes to expertise and experience, few Riverside, CA septic services providers can compare to Lanik Septic Service. With close to two decades in the business, we are more than familiar with OSHA requirements, which we observe strictly when considering our customers’ unique requests.

More than that, our backhoe operators install over 200 septic systems every year. We also have an in-house certification staff that performs over 1000 system inspections each year and a maintenance technician that pumps tanks numbering in the hundreds annually.

In other words, Lanik Septic Service is not a new kid on the block, and we are undoubtedly one of the more qualified and experienced providers in Riverside, CA.

Competitive Pricing & Discounts for Repeat Customers

Pricing for all our services is remarkably competitive. That’s especially true for our loyal customers, who get a $25 discount off on all pumping and repair services going forward. That’s regardless of location, septic tank size, and other factors.

Reliable Customer Service

With such a massive and loyal clientele base that spreads out across Riverside and San Diego counties, it is clear that we take our customers very seriously. We have a reputation for stellar customer service, and if you call during business hours, you’ll always reach a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful representative.

Our after-sale services are similarly satisfactory. For all installation services, Lanik Septic Services offers a one-year warranty and a six-month warranty for most septic certifications that we perform.

For any assistance with septic system maintenance, pumping, cleaning, and repair, or if you’re looking for professional septic tank installation, contact Lanik Septic Services at (951) 676-7114 or fill out a contact form and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

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