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How To Keep My Septic System Healthy In Riverside County, California?

Thousands of homes across Southern California, particularly the Riverside County region, have septic systems. This includes rural homes and those on larger properties. Septic systems are used as an underground wastewater treatment structure, usually by those who live in areas without sewer systems or find connecting to a sewer system to be too cost-prohibitive.

The septic system is an essential part of your home and, therefore, must be maintained regularly if you wish for it to function efficiently. To keep your septic system healthy, you should have your septic tank pumped regularly and have a professional inspect your system for any maintenance issues or repairs required.

Why Maintain Your Septic System?

On average, a household septic system should be inspected at least once every three years by a septic services professional who will inspect your septic tank for maintenance and any malfunctioning. If you skip your septic tank service or inspection for years on end, minor maintenance issues can build up to become larger, less manageable issues. Regular maintenance can cost you around $250-$300, but replacing a malfunctioning system can cost you well above $3000. This is one of the many reasons you should maintain your septic system.

How To Maintain Your Septic System – The Do’s and Don’ts

In reality, maintaining your septic systems is relatively easy and inexpensive. Just keep in mind that everything from your toilet to your garbage disposal system must end up in your septic tank. Here are some straightforward Dos and Don’ts you should keep in mind so you can keep your septic system healthy and functioning.

Do Regularly Inspect Your Septic System

The very first step is to regularly schedule septic system inspections for your home. This will help you catch up on any emerging issues before they can get more serious. Not only will this help save costs in the long run, but it will keep your system from sustaining long-term damage. That’s not all; if you ever plan on selling your home, having regular maintenance checkups will increase your home’s value.

A standard septic system inspection will include inspecting the partition wall, operational level of sewerage, plumbing’s water flow, and looking for excess standing water.

Don’t Use a Garbage Disposal with Your Septic System.

Rather than putting solid water into the trash, many homeowners use their garbage disposal to get rid of solid waste. This may work if you are connected to a sewer system but is not recommended if you are connected with a septic system.

This is because the bacteria can’t break down many things that are sent down the garbage disposal in septic tanks. If you absolutely need to use your garbage disposal system, be sure to leave out bones or fruit pits, eggshells, onion skins, oils, greases or fats, pasta, rice, stringy vegetables, and non-food items such as plastic and paper towels.

Do Pump Your Septic Tank

Septic tank pumping is a crucial part of septic tank maintenance. As a rule of thumb, you should have your septic system pumped at least once every three to five years. This is because septic tank pumping will help prevent clogging and excessive overflow and save your tank and plumbing from sustaining severe damage.

If your septic tanks overflow, they may filter wastewater onto your property and infiltrate wells and groundwater, becoming a health hazard for you and those living around you.

Don’t Flush Your Toiletries down The Drain.

Toilet paper can break down by the action of bacteria in septic tanks, but the same can’t be said for other toiletries such as cleaning wipes, baby wipes, facial tissue, personal care products, or paper towels. So, avoid flushing such cleaning products/toiletries down the drain.

You should also refrain from pouring household chemicals down the drain since such chemicals can break down the bacteria in your septic systems. Even while using toilet paper, try to opt for septic-safe toilet paper or recycled toilet paper that can break apart much more easily and won’t clog your septic system.

Do Reduce Your Water Consumption

Did you know that every household member uses about 70 gallons of water per day in an average household?

Septic systems have a limited capacity based on the expected water usage of a household. If your water consumption exceeds this capacity, it will reduce the functionality of your septic system. By reducing your water consumption, you can prevent the overloading of your septic system and boost its life expectancy. This will also help the solids settle down and form a layer of sludge so the bacteria can break it down further.

There are a couple of things you can do to reduce water consumption. You can conserve water by not leaving taps running while you do the dishes or brush your teeth. Try to also cut down on the water you use in your bathrooms. Consider installing low-flow showerheads in your bathroom to help reduce water consumption.

Don’t Park or Drive Over Your Septic Tank.

You should avoid parking your vehicle or driving over your septic tanks, be it for a few minutes or a few days. This is because septic systems are susceptible to damage from any weight placed on top of them; this weight can also damage surrounding pipes and infrastructure. Putting too much weight on top of your septic tank can also lead to a significant collapse or cause serious damage.

Do Avoid Draining Hot Tubs into Your Septic Systems

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and de-stress, but they can be harmful to your septic system. When you dump all the water from your hot tub into your septic tank, it will stir up the solid sludge settled in the bottom, which can flow into your drain field. These will cause damage to your drain field and clog the piping of your septic system. Moreover, the high chlorination level of hot tubs can kill bacteria working in septic tanks.

Instead, you should either stop adding chlorine or turn off your chlorination system at least two full days before draining so the chlorine can dissipate. You should then discharge the water away from your septic tank and drain the field over into turf or landscaped areas.

Don’t Use Septic Tank Additives.

There are many chemical septic tank additives available in the market advertised to help unclog your septic tank pipes. But these tend to do more harm than good. Not only do the chemicals kill the bacteria in your septic tank, but they can cause corrosion and leakages in the septic tanks.

Biological additives are also available that are not as harmful but can never be as efficient as a professional maintenance checkup or septic tank pumping session. This is why you should avoid using off-the-shelf septic tank additives and instead hire a professional for the job to get the best results.

Why Hire A Professional Septic Tank Cleaning Company?

You should always hire a professional to inspect and clean your septic tank system. Such systems are complex and have many adjoining parts which must be inspected. Only a septic system service professional has the expertise needed to safely navigate and examine each part of your septic system. The equipment necessary to clean and maintain septic systems is also incredibly costly. Septic Service providers carry such equipment and understand how to safely operate them.

That’s not all; pumping septic tanks can be injurious to health since you are in contact with sewage. Professionals come with safety equipment that protects them from the bacteria and diseases that septic tanks carry. Moreover, they know where to safely dispose of sewage once removed from a septic tank. This is why it’s always best to hire a professional for the task.

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Septic tank cleaning services are best left to those trained for the job. LANIK’s Riverside CA Septic Service Professionals are one of the leading septic service providers in Southern California.

Being a full-service septic company, we have been at the forefront of septic system installations, inspection, and maintenance for nearly two decades in Riverside County. Our professionals carry the necessary expertise needed to handle any issues your septic system might run into. From inspections and repairs to maintenance, we do it all! That’s not all; we are a C42 licensed septic tank contractor, fully qualified to provide septic tank pumping, repairs, installation, and certifications.

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