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5 Reasons Why Your Septic System Might Fail?

Date Posted: February 2, 2022 1:39 am

Having a septic tank at home is a significant part of the plumbing system, particularly if you don’t connect to the city sewers. Typically, the septic tanks help to store all the wastewater disposed of in the processes of day-to-day household chores. Unfortunately, there is a common occurrence for septic tanks to cease working accordingly, often termed septic tank failure.

An occurrence of septic tank failure makes the unsafe water unable to find any exits, in most cases returning to the house, subsequently leading to unhealthy pollution on the environment. Such a state creates a crisis that commands urgent septic tank maintenance services. It is critical to know how to go about such and other household-related activities. First and foremost, here is a look at the reasons leading to septic system failure

Lack of Maintenance

The system is made to facilitate the movement of wastewater to the septic tank. As time runs on, a couple of heavy contaminants settle at the bottom of the tank. The light ones, such as oil, usually form scum and float on the top of the wastewater. Typically, scum and sludge tend to break down with time, but not always. For that reason, regular maintenance is crucial to prevent the scum and sludge from building up; otherwise, it will cause a system failure in the long term.

Excessive Water Use

Septic tanks are made to hold a specific capacity of wastewater. The limitation is that the tank may fill up faster than it empties, primarily if it uses too much water. When this occurs, the water will tend to find another route resulting in a return to the source. These could also result in the water entering from the runoff or the drainage, resulting in an overload to the system.


Septic system damage is another common cause of the failure. This often happens when some or all the system components are interfered with. In most cases, the damage appears insignificant but should not be undermined because it often results in serious issues. For example, a common cause of system damage is the roots of trees that often puncture the pipes and dislocate or break them.

Improper Installation

When the wrong services are involved, the system is installed improperly. The typical installation problem is often inappropriate balancing in the drain line and distribution box, making the systems fail to work accordingly. However, expert septic tank maintenance services can rectify such anomalies.

Need Reliable Septic Tank Services?

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How to Prepare to Install a Septic Tank

Installation of a septic tank in a proper manner is highly critical. There are several steps that one must follow for its effectual service. The steps include:

  1. Remove the old septic tank: With the help of a septic tank service provider, remove the old tank to install the new one.
  2. Perform a percolation test: This is a test that is done before installation that measures the capacity of the soil to filter the wastewater from the septic system. The test also ascertains that the soil can adequately support the system.
  3. Ensure there is water for drinking: Before installing the system, ensure you have sufficient reserve water for drinking since one of the processes during installation involves the disconnection of water.
  4. Create an alternative washroom and bathrooms: During this time, you may have to find alternative means of accessing the toilet, such as making arrangements with hotels or friends.
  5. Inform your neighbors: Since the process can be pretty inconveniencing, it is vital to inform your neighbors before starting the process.
  6. Ensure the area where you will make the installation is clear from any unnecessary lawn and debris.
  7. Ensure proper maintenance of the septic tank system after the installation.

Will Heavy Rain Affect my Septic System?

During heavy rainfall, the drain field gets flooded, resulting in water coming out of the septic tank to the yard, among other effects. However, such occurrences are rare and are checked by following the following precautions.

Before it Rains

  • Ensure the system is at its best
  • Redirect the runoff water to flow away from the drain field. Also, ensure the gutters are clear of any dirt and redirect them further away from the drain field.
  • Avoid driving over the drain field to compact the soil and reduce its absorbency.

During a Storm

  • Establish whether there are clogs in the tank and clear them up.
  • Minimize the amount of water that gets into the septic tank by disposing of only the necessary water.

After a Storm/Rain

  • Contact a septic tank installation and maintenance services provider to examine your septic tank, especially if the drain field fails to clear after the rain.
  • Ensure the septic tank is inspected to check whether there is any build-up of dirt that the rain might have washed in

Signs My Septic Tank Has a Problem

  • Some of the signs that indicate that a septic tank has a problem include the following: If the drain begins making gurgling noises
  • Drainage occurs in the yards from the septic tank. This results from cracking, which is caused by roots
  • Abnormally green and spongy grass in the yard indicates that the septic tank is leaking.

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