Our Services

Lanik Septic Service provides a full range of Septic Services from New Septic System Installations on New housing and for Existing homes in need of replacement to Leach Line Additions and Repairs. We use electronic locators to find the Septic Tank and perform diagnostics to avoid any un-necessary repairs.

 Lanik Septic Service is a Licensed C-42 Contractor and Installs over 200 Complete Septic Systems  per year. A septic system is an alternative to the city sewer system. Over 25% of America is on some variation of a Septic System. Septic Systems are more prominent in rural areas and areas that a sewer system is just not practical.

 Lanik Septic Service also provides Leach Line Additions and Repairs. The main reason for leach line additions and repairs is do to septic system failures. Most failures are do to over saturation, root infestation or a lack of maintenance and increased usage..

Lanik Septic Service provides a processing service for all of your building needs from the Permanent Foundation, Site Preps, and Installations to Clearences from the Planning, Building, Fire, Environmental Health and Transportation Departments Etc. Everything you need to get into Your Home fast and hassle free.